Container Hire

20 ft Container

40 ft Container

Our new and second-hand shipping containers can be used for quick & convenient storage and are for sale or hire. We pride ourselves on our efficient personal service and our experienced staff are always happy to answer any of your questions no matter how trivial you may think they seem.

Shipping containers are an all steel construction which are strong, secure and weather-proof making them ideal high security stores and from our extensive stock can be delivered on our own vehicles and off loaded at your premises anywhere in the UK.

Current stock:

  • 20’ iso container
  • 40’ high cube containers
  • 40’ refer insulated

Extra Security Guaranteed

An optional extra, we can fit a Lock Box to containers required for storage. This simple but effective devise shrouds the padlock and prevents interference with jemmy bars, boltcroppers etc. and is ideal for containers stored in remote locations